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Toilet Paper Introduction


Toilet paper is a basic necessity in our lives. Generally, we purchase toilet paper through supermarkets, convenience stores or online.There are many sizes and styles of toilet paper for us to choose from, but how should we choose the right one ?

The materials of toilet paper are virgin wood pulp and mixed wood pulp,then you can choose the size and number of layers according to your needs.

Toilet paper of virgin pulp is soft,fine and smooth,strong toughness, no paper scraps. Its can be dissolved in water and washed away from the toilet after use,without clogging the toilet.Although the price of virgin pulp is high, most people will choose it, because its quality is the best.

Mixed wood pulp is a mix of virgin pulp and recycled raw materials.Its quality is slightly worse than that of virgin pulp, but its price is also more favorable. Therefore, half-wood pulp toilet paper towels are also popular with wholesale suppliers. Its softness and fineness is slightly worse than that of native wood pulp toilet paper, and there is not much difference. Professionals can see the difference between the two.

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