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Baoding Hozhong Hygienic Products Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Baoding Hozhong: Pioneering Excellence in Household Paper Manufacturing

🌟 A leader in paper innovation since 2013, Baoding Hozhong is set in China’s largest paper base, boasting 16 lines and a 36,000-ton capacity, with global reach and top-tier quality certifications.

Established in 2013, Baoding Hozhong has become a key player in the household paper industry from its strategic location in Daceying, China’s most extensive paper base. With 16 production lines and a 36,000-ton capacity, it emphasizes quality, evidenced by its ISO9001 certification and a 100% product qualification rate.


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Why Choose Us

Choosing us means partnering with a household paper industry leader committed to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Prime Location

Situated in China's largest household paper base, ensuring unparalleled access to resources and technology.

Extensive Capacity

Boasts 16 production lines with an annual capacity of 36,000 tons, catering to diverse household paper needs.

Quality Assurance

Equipped with state-of-the-art inspection gear, we guarantee a 100% product qualification rate and ISO9001 certification.

Global Reach

Our high-quality products and exceptional service have earned accolades worldwide, from North America to Europe.

Company History

Tracing Excellence: Decades of Specialization in Paper Products Customization and Wholesale.

Biodegradable toilet paper is a type of toilet paper that is designed to break down easily and quickly...
Bamboo pulp paper is renewable because bamboo is a fast-growing plant that can be replanted and harvested...
Instant toilet paper is a new product that is revolutionizing restroom hygiene by providing a convenient...
Dear Valued Customers, As we welcome the Chinese Spring Festival, the most important traditional holiday...
In May 2023, the company diversified and set up the business unit of second-hand construction machinery,...
In April 2020, the company resumed work after the epidemic, and the company’s headquarters moved...
December 2019, the company entered the field of paper and paper processing equipment, established Hebei...
In July 2016, the creation of the Internet project company a Beijing Mai paper network information technology...

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Weaving Quality into Every Fiber, Crafting the Future of Household Paper.

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