“Exploring the Secrets of Factory Kitchen Paper: Quality and Practicality in Harmony!”

"Exploring the Secrets of Factory Kitchen Paper: Quality and Practicality in Harmony!"

Are you looking for a supplier? We are Hozhong paper factory with 16 years of experience in production and exporting. Our main products are toilet paper, facial tissue paper, kitchen paper, napkin paper, hand towel paper, pocket paper, jumbo roll and so on. Our factory is located in Mancheng Area, papermaking basement.

Today I will introduce our kitchen paper to you. Our kitchen paper uses virgin wood pulp as raw material.

The benefits of virgin wood pulp:

  1. Uniform texture: log pulp can usually provide high-quality paper with uniform and fine texture, suitable for printing and writing.
  2. Strong customizability: log pulp can be used to make various types of paper through different processing methods and treatment methods to meet the needs of different uses.
  3. High recyclability: paper made from log pulp usually has good recyclability, which is conducive to environmental protection and sustainable development.
  4. Strong anti-aging: Compared with other raw materials, paper made from log pulp usually has higher anti-aging and can maintain quality for a longer time.

As a raw material for papermaking, log pulp has good quality and sustainability, and is suitable for the production of various types of paper products.

Our size: Sheet Width: 220~300mm or customized, Sheet Length 220~300mm or customized.

Our pattern:

kitchen pattern_4 kitchen pattern_3 kitchen pattern_2 kitchen pattern_1

Our kitchen paper products include kitchen rolls, kitchen bottom drawers, kitchen drawers, single roll packaging, two roll packaging, four roll packaging, and can be customized according to your needs. Conventional packaging form: 200g/roll 2 rolls/pack, 20 packs/box, 180g/roll 2 rolls/pack, 20 packs/box

We support OEM customization: You can customize your logo on your product.

If you don’t want to customize, we also have stock for you to choose. The following is our kitchen paper stock:

Want to get more kitchen paper product details and quotes, etc.,  welcome to consult.

We can provide you with a one-stop service, and make perfect solution for you as per your requirements. To support you develop the market together is our aim. Doing win-win cooperation!

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